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Our Story

it all started as soon as i could grow my first facial hair. i started experimenting back and forth with with different lengths and styles. but nothing felt right except a full beard. as my beard continued to grow, i started looking for ways to manage the unruliness and nothing worked. after spending hundreds of dollars a year trying to find the perfect fit, i realized that i was going about it the wrong way. i could do this, it looked easy enough. Fast forward two years and i'm proud to say that buddy's beard care is up and running and ready to bring my passion for beard care to you.

Beard care Tips

grab one of your favorite buddy's beard care grooming tools and start the process

Lather Up

depending on your length you will want to grab you buddy's beard care shampoo and clean that man mane 


Grab your buddy's beard care oil and go to work. make sure you moisturize from root to tip. follow up with balm to further condition the hair and tame those loose hairs

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